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LBX Tactical "Project Honor" Assaulter Pants

LBX Project Honor Assaulter Pant

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Posted 26 February 2014 - 05:22 AM

LBX Tactical "Project Honor" Assaulter Pants
$77.00 from LBX as of 25 Feb 2014
Description (c+p from LBX):
- 65/35% Poly Cotton Ripstop
- Ripstop combat pant w/ reinforced seat patch
- Zip fly w/ snap closure
- Dual front utility pockets
- 2 Deep side cargo pockets w/ hook & loop closure and bellowed side gussets
- Dual layered reinforced knees w/ hook & loop closure for optional knee pad insert
- 2 Lower leg ancillary pockets
Took the plunge and bought the Project Honor camouflage "Assaulter" pants from LBX on President's Day.  They arrived a full week and a half later (shipped via USPS despite a $20 shipping charge). 
These are a sort of "cross" between BDU pants and the latest Crye G3 ("combat pants") stuff being used by the actual military these days.  Overall they're pretty nice, but there are some areas that are definitely lacking (I'll cover this in a bit). 
Starting at the front and working our way around...
Pretty standard stuff.  You can see the two leg pockets with their large bellows, the slash pockets (similar to BDU cut trousers), the thick belt loops, and the two Crye-inspired front utility pockets. 
Utility pockets:
I'm not really sure what these are designed for (I'm fairly new to the modern equipment scene).  I'd probably put a dead rag in them to free up my leg pocket for empty mags or what have you.
Detail of the utility pocket: https://dl.dropboxus...25 17.46.16.jpg
Pocket open: https://dl.dropboxus...25 17.46.21.jpg
An interesting thing is the sewn grommets in the bottom of all the pockets.  This feels a bit cheap (nicer stuff uses metal grommets) and I can see these wearing out: https://dl.dropboxus...25 17.47.10.jpg
Snap button (I thought this was a bit strange myself - and also a potential problem as snap closures are hard to replace, unlike buttons) with a YKK zipper fly.  2014-02-25%2017.46.40.jpg
Inside tag:
Kneepad pockets:
This was a disappointment.  I was expecting something similar to the Crye G3 pant where the kneepad is perfectly seated within the front of the leg - instead you basically just get a big pocket and get to hope for the best.  LBX's site is a bit misleading here and as an amateur I basically got owned thinking it was a G3 setup - should have done more research.
Pocket closed: https://dl.dropboxus...25 17.47.30.jpg
Leg pockets:
Similar to the utility pockets.  Nothing really special here - just a big bellowed leg pocket with the usual sewn grommets (disappointing) and a velcro flap.  I noticed the velcro didn't line up on the left pocket - a testament to your $75 pants. ;)
Pocket open: https://dl.dropboxus...25 17.48.31.jpg
Grommet detail: https://dl.dropboxus...25 17.48.36.jpg
Bellows detail: https://dl.dropboxus...25 17.48.42.jpg
Lower "ancillary" pocket:
I'm also not sure what I'd use this one for either.  I don't like having a lot of weight low on my legs and that's all I can see this accomplishing.  Similar construction to the other pockets on the pants.
Pocket opened: https://dl.dropboxus...25 17.49.11.jpg
Reinforced seat similar to BDU pants.  https://dl.dropboxus...25 17.49.35.jpg
The Project Honor camouflage pattern is apparently featured in the new Medal of Honor game.  I've never played the game but liked the way the pattern looked (hence why I bought these pants).  It's a cool pattern but I've heard that it sticks out, and my first impressions are just "meh" - there are some areas of high contrast that would stick out in any environment.  See below:
The pattern has the LBX logo and another "MOH" (I assume this is for Medal of Honor) logo throughout it.  I liked the pattern's similarity to the uniforms worn by the AAF in Arma3 (yes, I bought a uniform based on a video game - I feel like a total fag for this but the whole premise of airsoft is manchildren playing army/cosplay bullshit)...
Supposedly cotton ripstop, though it feels quite heavy and stiff (undoubtedly because it's new).  I imagine it would get a bit better after a few trips through the wash.
It's no Arc'teryx.  Seams are crooked, velcro tabs don't match up, and lots of loose threads.  They were only $75 so I can't complain too much, but when I see better quality from some surplus equipment, that's a bit worrisome.
That said, for airsoft use, they'll be more than fine.  I think you'd have a hard time destroying these pants.
Here's where we run into some serious problems... I ordered a "Medium", marked as a size 33" waist and 31.5" inseam on the LBX site.  I wear a size 32" (generally speaking), and these trousers fit pretty close in the waist.  It's not uncomfortable but I was expecting them to need a belt to stay on.  I imagine they'll shrink a bit too.
The real problem starts with the crotch seam, which for some reason rides up pretty bad and is actually pretty damn uncomfortable.  I'm not sure if I need to go up a size or something, but the fit is a deal breaker for me so I've emailed LBX about just returning these pants.  After seeing some of the cut corners and the lack of the knee pad compatibility I just can't see myself wearing these.  I'm also not a big fan of camouflage trousers anyway (I prefer jackets or just shirts).
(edited 26 Feb 2014)
My original complaints centered around the lack of Crye-like features on these pants.  I have since been told (several times) that these are not patterned after the Gen 3 stuff, but are rather a cut of uniform exclusive to LBX.  This is "cool", but it was not what I was looking for.
I like the pattern, but (because I'm a dumb noob) I was expecting something similar to the G3 pants (you can all laugh at me and call me an asshole now).  In the process of returning them to LBX now, will keep this thread posted.

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Posted 02 March 2014 - 01:09 PM

For $75 one would think you'd get top-of-the-line pants, but I am an old skinflint.

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#3 Ian


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Posted 02 March 2014 - 03:10 PM

I mean, Crye G3 pants are $200 (the value there is in the eye of the beholder), but yes, I tend to agree.  Like I said in the review, when surplus stuff is better made... there are problems.

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Posted 28 April 2015 - 08:59 PM

When did you start using gear that doesn't outdate you?  My whole world view has now been cast into question.

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